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US Missionaries
The Trombetta's


Hope and Healing for the Hurting

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Trombetta's have spent many years in Cross Cultural Ministry reaching those in need of a relationship with Jesus.


They continue to follow Jesus’ command to “Go and make disciples”. Through their mission’s efforts, many have come to Christ, received healing, and have been set free from a life of bondage and sin.

What We're Doing About It


Jesus said, “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18) 


We organize building projects and missions teams to do ministry on Native American Reservations in Arizona.  We also do church projects throughout the State of Arizona. Those who have a desire to use their gifts and talents can partner with us in missions here in the U.S.


We also bring the Gospel through Evangelistic efforts, to advance the kingdom of God on and off Native lands.

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The Calling

Ministry Teams

Building Projects 

Help Fund Our Mission


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“Listen carefully. When God calls you to something, He is not always calling you
to succeed, He’s calling you to obey! The success of the calling is up to Him;
the obedience is up to you.”

David Wilkerson

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